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Our company is ready to tackle any task presented to us by our clients. We provide assistance in every sphere, handling absolutely everything you desire within legal bounds. Here are some of the most common inquiries our concierge service addresses.

Travel and Accommodation

Booking flights, hotels, private jets, luxury villas, and arranging ground transportation.

Event Planning

Organizing special events, securing tickets for concerts, sports events, theater performances, and exclusive parties.

Dining Reservations

Securing reservations at top-rated restaurants, arranging private dining experiences, and catering for special dietary preferences.

Personal Shopping

Assisting with luxury shopping, sourcing rare or limited-edition items, and providing access to exclusive boutiques or designer showrooms.

Entertainment and leisure

Arranging access to VIP clubs, organizing recreational activities like yacht charters, spa appointments, golf outings, or private tours.

Business-Related Support

Assisting with business-related tasks such as organizing meetings, arranging conference venues, and managing travel logistics for business trips.


For Individuals

As the foremost provider of high-end concierge services, we offer exclusive access to an extensive network of lifestyle managers and experts worldwide who are committed to fulfilling your every wish. Our customized and seamless service ensures that no request is too extravagant or unattainable.

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Stay updated with news about the luxury lifestyle, fresh ideas, suggestions on how to spend quality time, where to go, what to see, and what to buy.



    Most frequent orders

    Traveling Services

    Tickest and hotels booking, arrangement of a trip, cars rent, yachts and planes charter.

    Real Estate

    Assistance in choosing properties for purchase, scheduling appointments, organizing viewings, and facilitating transactions.

    Exclusive Shopping

    Brand selection, style consultations, appointment scheduling, and arranging trips to retail locations.

    Other Concierge Services

    Assistance in business matters, event organization, reservations, and addressing legal, medical, and other inquiries.

    The Best

    Exclusive Experience

    Utilizing our wealth of knowledge in travel, strategy, events, and lifestyle, Orizon Concierge facilitates brands and businesses in gaining a deeper understanding of their esteemed audiences. By tapping into our extensive experience with affluent individuals and our expansive luxury network, we provide invaluable insights, strategies, event planning, and consultancy services that foster trust and engagement.

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    Our company provides each client with a personal manager who takes care of all necessary matters. The client interacts only with one person who is responsible for the outcome.


    Clients entrust us with their current tasks related to property, travel, business organization, and leisure, and we solve them. Instead of dealing with routine tasks, our clients enjoy ready-made results.


    Our agreement includes complete confidentiality, which we guarantee for the client. What is discussed with our manager will always remain strictly between us.


    We provide services to our clients worldwide, in any country where our assistance and support are needed.


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